Warrington North MP Helen Jones has said that the current government must take the blame for the crisis in adult social care.

Speaking at question time in the House of Commons the MP said that the Local Government Finance Act 2012 divorced local government funding from any assessment of need.

She told the Conservative minister, Rishi Sunak MP, that the problem could not be resolved by telling councils that they could raise council tax.

She said:

“Councils in wealthier areas, which have more properties in the higher bands can raise more money than those with more properties in the lower bands, which usually have the greatest need.”

Commenting afterwards, Helen Jones MP said:

“The government has created a dysfunctional system in which the wealthiest councils can raise more money from the same rise in council tax than the poorest authorities yet poorer authorities have higher levels of long-term disease and disability. At the same time councils in the poorest areas have seen the greatest cuts to their funding.

“It is not good enough for the minister to say that the government will reform the system so that it can adequately take account of need. They were warned when the 2012 Act was passed that what they were doing would lead to a crisis in adult social care but they ignored that warning. They need to take responsibility and admit their mistakes.”