Warrington North MP HELEN JONES continues to press the government on their failure to ensure GP numbers in Warrington are at the levels that the town’s population merits.

The latest figures (for 2017) show that the number of practitioners in the town is 127. This is lower than the number in 2010 when the government came into office despite the population increasing over the past 8 years.


“ This situation is simply not good enough. Warrington has lost GPs whilst the population has increased. I have raised this matter regularly since 2014 when figures first showed Warrington had fewer GPs per head than the average for the North West.

“ In his last reply the Secretary of State assured me that he was ‘trying to improve the capacity.’ Clearly his plan is not going well.

“ Residents remain concerned that they can’t get GP appointments easily. Fewer doctors mean longer waiting times and this problem gets worse as the population grows and GPs have to look after more and more people.

“ We need tangible action from government which will increase GP numbers here. “