How Helen Can Help

What Helen Can Do

Due to strict parliamentary regulations, Helen is only able to help people who live in the Warrington North Constituency, a map is attached below as a rough guide to the boundaries of Helen’s area. If you are unsure whether you you live within the Warrington North Constituency, you can check using the Parliament website here.

There are 650 MPs across the UK who each represent individual constituencies in Parliament. Helen’s job is to represent her constituents when she is in Westminster, and her caseworkers work on cases reported by constituents which can be resolved here in Warrington.

Issues Relating to Central Government

MPs can have the most power over issues which relate to central central government and the departments it contains. It’s useful for constituents to attempt to resolve the issue directly with the department, but where that is not possible, Helen’s office can be contacted on 01925 232480.

  • Immigration, asylum and nationality
  • Social security – welfare, pensions and child maintenance
  • Health – hospitals and doctors
  • Energy, utilities and environment
  • Education and schools
Issues Relating to the Council and other Organisations

If your issue relates to a separate organisation; local council or one of it’s departments, Helen can give support in the form of a letter to the council, advice to you and support to ensure that the matter is being properly taken care of. Most of the time this is enough to resolve the issue, but it is important for constituents to first attempt to contact the organisation; theirĀ local councillors or the appropriate department before contacting Helen.

  • Litter and maintenance (grass cutting, trees)
  • Housing and planning
  • Fly tipping
  • Housing association
  • Parking
  • Police issues
  • Social care

You can get in touch with Helen about any of the above issues by clicking here.

If your issue is not listed here, please see our useful contacts for the best place to get help.

You can find out more about the role of your MP and how Helen is able to help you on the Parliament website.