At the moment Brexit is dominating the news and you might reasonably think that nothing else is happening yet my casework shows otherwise.

There are people in Warrington who are really suffering under this government and their voices are not being heard in the current climate.

First, there are those who are working and not earning enough to get by. They go out to work each day for poverty wages or are on zero hours contracts and do not know how much work they will get from week to week. These are people who are not idle, far from it. They work hard but have to cut their spending to the bone. Some of them need help from Food Banks and the idea of taking their children for a holiday or even for a day out, is simply a dream.

I see other families who are desperately over-crowded and in need of social housing but who cannot be moved because of the shortage of properties or young couples who want to get a foot on the housing ladder but who can’t afford to buy. Instead of councils being allowed to build homes, we get more and more large houses for commuters yet when I was growing up our council built houses both for rent and for sale, meeting both needs.

Now council budgets have been cut so much that they struggle to provide basic services. So I see people who need adaptations to their homes struggling to get them and social care is in such mess that many elderly and disabled people cannot access the support they need.

These problems will remain whatever happens with Brexit and we need to address them if we want a decent society.

As I write this, the council are expected to start a consultation on its Local Plan which includes Peel Hall. The public feeling on this matter is well known and will, I am sure, be replicated in this latest consultation. The council say that their policy is shaped, at least in part, by public opinion, and so I hope that they will take on board the nearly unanimous wishes of residents and take the Peel Hall site out of the Local Plan.