Warrington North MP HELEN JONES has called for any new hospital in the town to be easily accessible for those living in her constituency which has some of the most health deprived areas.

Questioning the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care the MP said:

“ Warrington desperately needs a new hospital to replace its old, out-of-date buildings, so in allocating future capital funding will the Secretary of State bear in mind the levels of health deprivation that exist in the area, and will he ensure that any new hospital is accessible to those in my constituency, which has areas that are among the most health deprived in the borough? “

Jeremy Hunt confirmed that need was a fundamental criterion when looking at allocating capital funding.


“ There is clearly a need for a new hospital in Warrington but it has to be within easy reach of people in my constituency. However, the Secretary of State refused to say that it would be positioned to serve residents of Warrington North. Many of the most health deprived areas in the borough are in Warrington North, which also has some of the lowest levels of car ownership. Easy access for those people should be a priority when considering any new site and I will be contacting the Leader of the Council to ask him to press for this to be a priority as well.

“ Strong public and patient engagement is also part of NHS England’s criteria for deciding on assessing health needs. I would, therefore, expect to see real and meaningful consultation across Warrington, especially in the areas of health deprivation, when any site for a proposed new hospital is considered. “