Warrington North MP HELEN JONES has raised concern about the condition of the facilities at Orford Jubilee Hub following complaints from a number of her constituents, including LiveWire members.

In a letter to the MP, LiveWire’s Managing Director has apologised and admitted that standards “haven’t been to the high level we expect to provide our customers.”

Constituents have raised concerns about the standards of health and safety and cleanliness of the building, especially in the pool, changing room, sauna and steam areas. Complaints from constituents include:

  • Filthy toilets, urinals and wash areas;
  • Swimming pool grimy and filthy with old plasters and sanitary products left at the bottom of the pool for days;
  • Door to the sauna not shutting properly;
  • Non-functioning showers in the steam and sauna areas;
  • Broken tiles which are a slip and trip hazard;
  • Mould in the sealant in the showers;
  • Filthy grid in the sauna and steam area;
  • Walls of the shower area covered in grime;
  • Roof tiles in the shower area that have spores growing on them;
  • Water grates not cleaned properly.


“When I contacted LiveWire and the Borough Council it was clear that they accepted that my constituents’ concerns were justified. Having conceded that standards are not at a high level, the Managing Director also conceded that there are ‘problems relating to fixtures and fittings’, that ‘the tiled flooring is failing’ in the swimming pool, sauna and steam room area, and that the male shower area had been ‘left in an unacceptable condition.’

“In his response to me, the council’s Chief Executive expressed concern at the condition of the facility and admitted that LiveWire have been falling below the standard the council expected in their attempts to maintain a clean and safe environment. He also confirmed that LiveWire had acknowledged this fact.

“It is simply not acceptable that the facility has been allowed to deteriorate so badly. It would appear that little or no action had been taken when my constituents approached LiveWire directly to voice their concerns.

“Yet again this organisation is failing to deliver an adequate service to the public. The concerns raised by my constituents are serious health and safety issues but LiveWire, whilst agreeing to take action now, don’t seem to have understood that letting the facilities deteriorate so badly is a serious shortcoming on their behalf.

“The council, to whom LiveWire is a contracted provider, seem to have no sanctions available to them when sub-standard facilities are provided, apart from having their Commissioning Team keep a close eye on the situation.

“I am told, by the council’s Chief Executive, that health and safety matters should be reported to the Health and Safety Executive. How have we reached this point? Surely the council’s Commissioning Team should have been monitoring things far better and LiveWire should not have let their standards drop so badly. Something is wrong somewhere.

“We are back to the issue of the accountability and transparency of public interest companies. Sadly, yet again, our public interest company’s failings have highlighted the need for real change and a tightening up of the way these organisations operate and are governed.“