Last night I voted for the options in support of a Customs Union and Common Market 2.0 because I believe these are the best ways of protecting jobs and living standards in Warrington.

I did not vote for a second referendum or for revoking Article 50 because I stood on a manifesto which said that we would respect the result of the 2016 referendum. I believe that it is up to Parliament to find the best way of doing that.

I have received many emails from constituents asking me to support different options, usually ones that are mutually exclusive, but I believe that the silent majority want us to compromise to find a way forward.

I am sorry that the Independent Group and the Liberal Democrats voted against other options, which they could support, because they wanted their preferred outcome of a second vote to come top of the ballot. This is simply playing politics with people’s jobs and is blocking us from moving forward on the issue.

I shall continue to support options which I believe would protect jobs and living standards in Warrington North and oppose those which would not do so.